Peter Smith - Memories

We all have them, we all need them, memories serve a purpose and a need. Without experience we would have no memories, without memories we would have no experience. It’s been nine years since the release of The Crying Game, a set of emotional eyes on a sepia box canvas. Memories is a very powerful piece. It is here to let you, the viewer, do the talking.

This is a piece to bring out your stories, what do you see? What do you feel? The right eye has a tear, do you see a tear of joy? Or sadness? The left eye has a love heart, is this the love for family? A partner? Children?

Peter wants you to connect with this piece and open up and pull memories out of you...

Please note that this item is available to pre-order but orders will not be dispatched and won't be available in gallery until late October. However, if you can join us on Sunday 21st September, 12-4pm, Peter Smith will be at the Artmarket Gallery, with the full collection, for his first exhibition of this new collection. An excellent chance to see the 7 new prints and 3 sculptures in the flesh and pre order your favourites! 

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